ENGIE- Wakefield Council Schools' Partnership

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As part of the wider changes to how Wakefield Council deliver their services to the district more efficiently, they have partnered with ENGIE to provide a wide range of services directly to schools/academies in the area. 

One of the main changes is the service delivery model to schools/academies which will come into effect from 1 April 2019 and will be commonly referred to as the Framework. 

Main changes from the 1 April 2019:

  • Building Repairs and Maintenance: Wakefield Councils existing pooled arrangement will cease but schools/academies can still purchase this service from ENGIE on a pay as you go basis.
  • Cleaning services: Is currently delivered by ENGIE and billed through the council. ENGIE will bill schools/academies direct for this service and will discuss options on how best to deliver the cleaning service.
  • Catering services: Currently delivered and billed through the council by ENGIE/ISS. ENGIE will now deliver and bill directly but ENGIE will continue to use ISS as their exclusive provider. Through the framework heavy catering equipment replacement will become the responsibility of the school/academy.

    We appreciate these will raise several queries and we have tried to answer these in a more detailed FAQ document. 


What is the Framework?




What is the process to join?